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Technology Teacher


I am Angela Holt, also known as, Coach Fields.  Nashville is my hometown.  This is my 24th year teaching.  Three of those years, I spent teaching Chinese university students in Zhengzhou, Henan, China.  Presently, I teach technology, and I'm asst. volleyball coach.  In the past, I've also coached girls and boys basketball and girls and boys track.   

I am happy to welcome you to Technology at LEAD Brick Church!  

It is my desire to teach our scholars how to type using all ten fingers from the home row keys, without watching their hands as they type. 

Scholars in the 5th grade will be expected to master 20 words per minute; 6th grade, 25 wpm; 7th, 30 wpm; and 8th graders should master 30 or more words per minute. 

I will also teach our scholars:

  • how to use the tool bars of a Word Processor;

  • internet saftey;

  • search engines;

  • how to make interesting Power Point presentations;

  • an introduction to coding; and more to come!  

I believe that we should learn something new every day.  So let's get to it LEAD Brick Church, where Teaching and Learning is our #1 goal!