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Courtney Fletcher


I am a Huntsville, AL native. I received my B.S. from University of Alabama in Birmingahm and my Masters in Elementary Education from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University. I have been an eduacator for 3 years. 

Educational Philosophy:

I’m passionate about teaching our youth and equipping each student with skills that can be used INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE of the classroom.  

Contact Information:


phone: 615-797-8214

Class Schedule:

7:15-7:30am Breakfast/Vocab/Journal

7:30-7:55am Crew

7:55-8:15am DIRT

8:18-8:58am Intervention

9:01-10:06am SS Cohort 5.1

10:09-11:14am SS Cohort 5.2

11:17-12:22pm SS Cohort 5.4

12:25-12:45pm Lunch

12:45-1:05pm Recess

1:08-2:13pm Related Arts

2:16-3:27pm SS Cohort 5.3

3:30pm Dismissal