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Ms. Lakendra Thomas

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game"

Hi, I am Lakendra Thomas a recent graduate of The University of Alabama, ROLL TIDE! I am originally from Birmingham, AL and have only been in Nashville a little over a month. My degree is in Seocndary Education Language Arts and I am excited to be starting my teaching career here in Nashville at Brick Church. I am available to meet with you during my planning period which is from 9:01 a.m.-10:06 a.m. daily.

Class Schedule:
CREW/DIRT- 7:30-8:15
Intervention- 8:18-8:58
7th Grade ELA 10:09-11:16
Lunch/Recess- 11:20-12:03
7th Grade ELA 12:06-1:12
7th Grade ELA-1:15-2:20
7th Grade ELA 2:23-3:27 
Dismissal- 3:30
Contact Information: 
Room- 164
Phone- (205)-370-8705
I will be available from M-F until 7PM. I will be available for meetings M-F between 9:01 a.m.-10:06a.m.