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Ms. Rachel Aguirre

About Me:
I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  At 16 years old, I left for Washington D.C. to intern at the Capitol and officially moved there for college two years later at American University.  Shortly after graduation, I moved to Nashville to take a position at LEAD Brick Church (LBC).  This is my fourth year teaching at LBC, and 6th grade social studies is my passion!  This year you can expect your child to learn all about the ancient civilizations of our wonderful world!
Class Schedule:
CREW/DIRT- 7:15- 8:18
Intervention- 8:21- 9:01
6th Grade Social Studies- 9:04- 11:18
Lunch/Recess- 11:21- 12:01
Planning- 12:04- 1:04
6th Grade Social Studies- 1:08- 3:27
Dismissal- 3:30
Contact Information: 
I will be available from M-F until 7PM. I will be available for meetings M-F between 12:05-12:50PM.


Homework 1

Homework 2